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San K
Feb25-12, 07:39 AM
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This is where the "spooky action at a distance" comes from. It seems that a measurement at polarizer A sets the polarization of photon A at a certain angle, and therefore does the same to (entangled) photon B.
how about this thought/idea:

the measurement at A sets the polarization of photon A and the measurement of B (independently) sets the polarization of photon B in a same/correlated manner?

i.e. you don't need to assume any kind of quantum entanglement i.e. any kind of non-local nonlocal quantum correlations because:

A and B had similar initial conditions to begin with (at the time of their generation/birth/creation) and hence the polarizers effect them in the same way, which could result in some kind of biasing in probabilities...

just playing devil's complete a full proof test of quantum entanglement....

for example twins (humans not photons...;)...) behavior (tastes, preferences, personality) will tend to be more closely correlated (with each other) than the general population