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Feb25-12, 04:39 PM
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Thanks for you replies,

Does rare mean good and did it help them or was most of the Physics not a lot of use?
Rare is absolutely good in this case. He is working on a project that looks at the effect irradiation has on steels used in long-term nuclear reactors. The group was full of people that know about metallurgy and microstructures of steel, processing routes, etc, but he could go in and describe the behaviour of nuclear decay and then model it in Matlab. His stand of maths and programming was so much higher than everyone else in the group.

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I'm only choosing my A levels now for my last 2 years at high school before uni but to get into most courses you only need 3 A levels or possibly 3 + AS at Oxbridge or Trinity or for medicine/law etc. I've worked out by the admissions requirements that all I really need is Maths, F. Maths and Physics for either EE or Physics so I was just wondering what would help me more in either of those fields so I could take it as a 5th option.

If I done french I could do EE with studies in europe or Physics with studies in Europe. Basically its the same subject except you get extra classes of your chosen language and you do an extra year abroad either working or studying.
oh, I thought you were choosing uni courses, not A levels. Yeah, a language is always good.