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Feb27-12, 10:21 AM
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1.) You said the tarsands would benefit the U.S. if the XL was built, I showed how the XL being built would raise gasoline prices in the midwest. I don't know even know what you're talking about with the Gulf Coast refineries for.
The midwest and Gulf Coast refineries have a very significant effect on one another. Are you sure you know what you are talking about? Do you know where the Keystone XL is destined for?

2.) I won't speak much on the issue of Dr. Moore, everyone is entitled to their (bought and sold) opinions. I will say that's evidence of nothing. One guy who recieves paychecks from the papermill industry to be a anthropogenic climate change denier says that nonnative scrub is equal or greater to pristine boreal forest? That's a JOKE.

Read this study if you're interested in the reclamation. In 50+ years of oil sands drilling, 0.2% of all land used is officially considered reclaimed for the public.
Speaking of bought and paid for opinions, The Pembina Institute is very much on that list.

You mention 50+ years of oil sands drilling when, in fact, development has been occurring for 35-40 years, most of the footprint is associated with mining not drilling, and the low number for reclamation is a result of the fact that the mining is still ongoing (so why reclaim it?).