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Feb27-12, 12:13 PM
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Thanks for giving a name to that method.

Consider then this system of 2 linear equations:

( (-2*sqrt(3) )/9 )x + z = 2*sqrt(3)

3*sqrt(2)y - 2x = 0

Here are presented two equations with 3 unknowns (x,y,z) is this system solvable using a matrix method?
In this particular case, if we use the Ax=b method, where we then invert A (say with A-1 and premultiply b with this, then we must have that A has an inverse. But A here is not a square matrix, and only square matrices have inverses, so the matrix solutions will not prove fruitful.

On the other hand, for all my spoofery, I am trying to prove that the only solution to α1 -2α2 +3α3=0 and 2α23=0 is that α123=0. Can you offer any help?