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Feb27-12, 08:44 PM
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I bet he was trying to read the current in parallel across the cct instead of in series and the poor meter was shortcircuiting the battery
That premise was fundamental to my reply. That the meter was shorting the meter is not in question, a 9v battery is not going to get hot powering either a 330Ω load, or delivering 30mA.

Not only was the meter incorrectly connected to the resistor, but OP has not interpreted the meter reading correctly, regardless of whether it was digital or analog. That 30mA was not 30mA, maybe it was 300mA.

I suggested analog, simply because I find it difficult to see how a digital reading could be misread too low by a factor of 10. Maybe there was a blob of solder on the readout and this was mistaken for a decimal point?