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Feb28-12, 12:59 PM
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Good stuff. I'm just an interested observer, but I do find the whole quantum gravity concept a really beautiful, emergent way that could explain a whole raft of phenomena!

Had another idea today (maybe more of an engineering quandry than a theoretical issue?);

If several satellites of varying mass require orbit adjustment from time to time, assuming unperturbed trajectories & excluding lunar interference etc, is there a point (some kind of LEO lagrangian point) before which adjustment of trajectories is consistently away from from the gravity well, and beyond consistently towards it, to maintain stable orbits?
IE in warped spacetime, any idealised stable geostationary orbit will inevitably eventually decay into the gravity well, while with quantum gravity an idealised stable geostationary orbit has a quantum uncertainty, and will eventually decay either towards or away from the gravity well (or not exist?!). Gakk. Brain off.. :/