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Feb28-12, 01:46 PM
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So based on the presented data we can only exclude the possibility that the chicken could originate from one egg. But the origin of the chicken still remains unknown.
Similar thoughts came upon me when I read about the Michelson y Morley interference experiment. The experiment shows that there is no ether wind, but says little about the nature of light in other reference frames. Now the muons experiment should dispel the mystery but manipulating the measurement brings even more confusion.
MMX was not performed in a single reference frame. If it had been, they might have concluded that they were stationary in the ether. But since they repeated the experiment in different reference frames, and since they continued to believe in a fixed stationary ether, they merely concluded that their experiment was modified by moving through the ether in such a way that they couldn't detect the ether wind. That modification, they surmised, caused the length of their apparatus to shrink along the direction of motion through the ether.

Eventually, the explanation was extended to the idea that clocks would also run slower as they moved through the ether in such a way as to cause any measurement of the speed of light to get the same answer no matter how much length contraction and time dilation occurred.

So the exact same explanation is used to explain how the muons with a half life of 1.56 microseconds could survive long enough to make it to the ground because their built-in clock is running five times slower as they travel through the ether.

That seems pretty straight forward to me. What is the mystery that you feel needs to be dispelled? What manipulation of the measurement do you see? Why are you confused?