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Feb29-12, 09:36 PM
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yea i meant to change it to n, just slipped my mind after typing.

and oops yea, its n*(x-4)^n / n^3 + 1
Try to stay focussed on the problem at hand. For one thing, you're trying to determine the convergence when x = 5 and x = 3. When x = 5, the general term in your series is n/(n3 + 1). Use parentheses!

but ok, soo like .. how do i show the convergence then with 1/n^2[/QUOTE]
I already answered that question...

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If you are using the comparison test, you need to show that each term of your series is less than the corresponding term of the series you're comparing to. For your problem, [itex]\sum \frac{1}{n^2}[/itex] is a reasonable choice.
Your textbook should have some examples where they use comparison. Take a look at them.

Really, you're going to have to step up and show some initiative. This is post #41 on a problem that's not terribly difficult. Instead of continually asking what you should do next, try something and see where it takes you.