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Mar1-12, 12:34 PM
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You can evaluate Baryshev and his FTG for yourself.

See post #44.
I don't know what you were trying to say with your one line sentence written in riddles. I've tried reading his paper again. Maybe you were thinking FTG (Field Theory of Gravitation) is different from Weinberg Spin-2 over flat spacetime valid in spacetime covered by harmonic coordinates. What you didn't seem to get is it is identical to FTG as the following paragraph shows:

"The field theory of gravitation is based on the principle of universality of gravitational interaction and has some forms of the principle of equivalence as its particular cases. In FTG there are Minkowski background space and usual concepts of gravity force, gravity field EMT and quanta of gravity field - gravitons. Within FTG there is no infinite force at gravitational radius and compact massive stars could have masses much more than OV-limit. FTG is actually a scalar-tensor theory and predicts existance of tensor (spin 2) and scalar (spin 0) gravitational waves. Astrophysical tests of FTG will be available in near future. It is quite natural that fundamental description of gravity will be found on quantum level and geometrical description of gravity may be considered as the classical limit of quantum relativistic gravity theory."

How does the above differ to Weinberg formulation. They are the same.

Hope you can read the paper yourself instead of writing in one line riddles that is so difficult to understand.