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Mar1-12, 05:24 PM
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But the Field Theory of Gravitation (FTG) also involves self-interacting spin-2 field on flat spacetime, it just summarizes the findings of others like Ward. It is not a new theory. In other words, Wald proposal also comprises the Field Theory of Gravitation (FTG). Please address this first by accepting or not accepting and why (in clearer terms because I'm always confused by your replies).
Sorry to seem unhelpful. I'm just telling you what I learnt from the textbooks. As Baryshev states, his view is not the textbook view - he says it is different from Misner, Thorne & Wheeler, as well as Zeldovich & Novikov. I merely added the cite from Wald to give a more modern citation, in case you think MTW and ZN are out of date. To that one can also add Straumann, Carlip, & Donoghue. Perhaps Baryshev is right, but since it takes more time, energy and interest than I have to evaluate Baryshev, I'm just saying I'm not interested in discussing Baryshev's work at this moment. But if you are interested in reading it for yourself, I'd certainly like to hear when you are done whether you think his view, or the textbook view is right.