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Mar2-12, 09:05 AM
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First of all, physics does not "prove things 100%", so the answer to your topic is no.

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Wow. I'm amazed how wrong the 2nd sentence in the abstract is. The FRW cosmology describes a homogeneous universe. Is our universe homogeneous? That depends on the scale: on the scale of stars and galaxies, it is far from homogeneous. However, on the scale of the observable universe, owing precisely to the "fractal" nature of galaxy distribution, the universe is well-described by the FRW cosmology.
Actually there has been some legitimate research done in this area, and there is some tension between FRW models and observations, see for example I do agree with you that the sentence is ridiculous, but on a scale of wrongness, it could be more wrong :-)

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A stationary cosmology is going to have a hard time dreaming up the CMB and BBN.
and BAO, and fitting all of them together.