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Mar2-12, 09:05 AM
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I couldn't help but wonder if, say for instance a very large star ended up being slung around the suppermassive black hole in the center of the galaxy. Then this star ended up traveling at a very high speed straight for Earth. So then say that the relative speed of the star and its mass creates an event horizon around itself because of the relative mass that was seen from Earth. You could say that it was just the relative mass that made it look like a black hole and that any planets traveling along with the star didn't observe this relative mass so then they could orbit around the star and stay just fine. So then they send a team into the black hole to try and slow it down to prevent the destruction of Earth. They then would travel straight into the black hole at speeds close to the speed of light to prevent becoming spagitified. They then transfer into the frame of reference of the star itself so they no longer observe it being a black hole. And then they land on one of the planets and find life and decide to live there since they failed blowing up the star and live on inside this "black hole" as if they are just fine. So, then do you think something like this scenario would be possible or totally science fiction?