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Mar2-12, 02:03 PM
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Someone could take two particles that are entangled, and then change the spin of one of them, and the other particle would change its spin instantly faster than the speed of light. Then your "reality" would depend on how fast of a transmission you observed it with. Someone observing it with a string of thread would see it differently than someone with a camera, or even with someone with an entanglement experiment.

& classical physics has left the building. (not that I think this is incompatible with classical physics)

IIRC there is no information exchanged in that scenario, ie no "break" in causality / faster than c. Not sure I subscribe to the scenario you describe with changing spin. A NYSE trader would love that kinda communication speed advantage, let alone any wireless communications company. It is a "state" that the particle is in, I guess there can be a "clone" particle of sorts that share indefinite properties (specifically a state); as wiki says "...which is indefinite in terms of important factors such as position,[5] momentum, spin, polarization, etc."

"Entanglement" is misleading.

Really this is not much different than "distant star" scenario we were discussing above. With theory, we can measure, calculate values & make predictions.

I hope someone who knows more can correct me on this if wrong, but there is no change in state of either particle, merely the values become mostly definitive/determined.