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Mar2-12, 02:07 PM
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Also as far as is known there is no 'mass' really inside the black particles.
Hmmmmm ...

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In fact, I believe an inertial [free falling] observer never sees any Hawking radiation ....
So let me see if I have this right. The observer falls through the event horizon (noticing nothing unusual) leaving a convenient holographic copy of his information at the horizon. As he falls and before he reaches the central singularity we assume the falling observer is still made of normal mass and still retains all his information. On arriving at the central singularity all the observers mass is converted into non-mass and all his information is converted into non-information (but the holograghic copy of his information at the EH is retained for future auditing purposes) ??

I guess it depends on what we mean by mass. Does mass mean particles, or does it mean localised energy that has an identifiable centre of momentum rest frame and has all the properties of momentum and active and passive gravitational qualities that we normally associate with mass?

For example if we play snooker with solar mass black holes, they certainly behave as if they has a mass equivalent to the Sun when they collide and they have a gravitational field equivalent to what we would expect a mass of that size to have and a black body temperature equivalent to what (relativistic) thermodynamic equations predict for a mass of that size and yet we say they have no mass?