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Mar3-12, 05:10 AM
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I had seen some LM series based dc -dc converter circuits for supply voltage of 70MHz high speed amplifier with the input current rating of 8.5 this suitable for this one ..If anybody know the answer for this one ..
What's the question???

You've not specified what you need it for, nor whether you're asking for directions to a suitable design, nor shown your own efforts to find such a design, nor have begun by discussing variations required for your particular application, which would require the following matters in any case;

a) if you are referring to +/- split supplies or whether you actually mean +DC/0
b) you've not specified the current requirement you need to meet
c) you've not qualified the voltage quality you need
d) you'e not specified if you need floating, or DC de-coupled, or other type of output
e) you've not even specified if the output can be 15VAC.