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Mar4-12, 04:32 AM
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Right now I'm in my junior year working on an accounting degree, but I'm finding this clearly isn't my passion. I'll still finish for the degree because I believe it has value, but I plan to also minor in math and then apply to a masters in math program.

I've had a lot of questions about the discipline however; one of which is whether applied math has any more value than pure math in the job market? It makes sense for applied math to have more value, but a friend from school who is in a math program said to go for pure math, because it teaches you the fundamental skills that can translate to other things easily.

Also, is the value in a masters in math degree truly worth the costs (time, money, effort) even if I do enjoy the discipline? My thinking from reading some posts here is that if you tailor your degree to a specialty or niche, you can have good prospects, but mainly from that niche. Is that true? My intent of going for a masters is to have a wider range of opportunities so if that were the case I might not. I may have more questions but that's it for now, thanks.
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