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jack action
Mar4-12, 01:46 PM
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I am reviving this thread because I have some questions minger raised... What your saying is that CFD has become a blackbox and relatively untrained ppl can use it for specific problems.

I am an entering graduate student in the field of CFD and what you said concerns me. What type of research or skills does an up and coming CFD researcher bring to the table? What are the skills required to excel at the forefront of aerodynamics CFD research? My concern is that I am going into a field that can already be advanced my untrained people using blackboxes...
I think that minger's comment was done with sarcasm.

Sure, almost anyone can put numbers into a CFD program and they will surely get a result. But if you don't understand what the program does, you will probably end up with meaningless results.

Garbage in --> Garbage out

I found this wiki link about guidelines for turbomachinery CFD that might enlighten you about what CFD can do and cannot do (yet) and how difficult it can be to choose an appropriate CFD simulation to solve a problem. And that's only for turbomachinery.