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Mar4-12, 08:45 PM
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I only know one actuary personally and she took three of her exams (not exactly sure how many standard ones there are) while she was an undergrad studying statistics.
The number of exams in total will depend on which society you're getting credentialed in, but the first five are the same for both:

Financial Mathematics
Life Contingencies
Financial Engineering
Actuarial Models

I've seen discussions between actuaries about whether someone could work as an actuary without a college degree. Many seem to think it possible, but no one has ever heard of anyone doing it. I think it would make things outrageously difficult. Pass exams, enjoy college, get an internship, then look for a full time job.

And yea, saying "actuary" around here is like saying "Candyman" five times, except you only have to say it once, and I don't kill people.