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Mar5-12, 03:43 AM
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I'm a physics student who's only taken one college chemistry class. I'm planning on taking the rest of the intro series for my own enrichment and a possible materials science minor, but that's going to come in bits and pieces due to my schedule. So between chemistry classes, I'm looking to have some fun to maintain interest. Also, I have a thing for science demos.

So I was wondering if there are any interesting, safe reactions that I could perform at home with some basic equipment and reagents (I have a bit of money to spend on this, but not a lot) for my own enrichment/fun. Preferably something really basic that I could understand at intro freshman level, like a precipitation reaction. And of course, something that's not going to kill me if I do it wrong, since I'm so inexperienced.

And believe me, baking soda and vinegar never gets old. Just looking for a little variety is all = )
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