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Yh Hoo
Mar5-12, 08:49 AM
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No, because of the mass deficit. If you will continue to ignore information you are given nobody will be willing to help you.
im sorry about that because frankly im a A-level student. I have been studying the piece of information that you gave me . Up to this stage i can almost understand the mass defect. But i am still not satisfied with the statement"No other nuclides other than the carbon-12 isotopes have exactly a whole number relative isotopic mass in the scale taking 1/12 of the mass of a carbon-12 isotopes as a standard. ". Because i found that since the relative isotopic mass of nuclides of different isotopes is just a ratio compared to 1u, then there will be other nuclides having a whole number OR non-whole number relative isotopic mass.For example the mass of an oxygen-16 isotope is exactly 16 times greater than 1u. I have showed some evidence by myself. Could you please help me to verify my attachment? Moreover i think that the rest mass of protons,neutron and electron are always constant while static but while moving as in real word the mass decreases. My question is what is the extent the mass will drop to and will it be fluctuating with time ??? i realy need your help