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Mar5-12, 09:02 PM
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Hey foges.

Just a few comments.

If for Management Science you are doing any kind of Operations Research, then yes this is extremely useful and is used for a lot of different things from packing trucks right to minimize space wastage, to making all kinds of business decisions. Very important area used across many different types of businesses in general.

For Statistics, if its hands on project based work I don't think you can go wrong. Given that its stanford, I imagine the program will be pretty good and given the kinds of companies in the area like Google that heavily utilize statistical methodology in a computational way, it's a good indication of how valuable this should end up being.

For mathematics the focus seems to be on finance since a lot of the subjects are directly applicable to that but having said that stochastic analysis applies equally to other things like the sciences and engineering. For example if you have to analyze anything with noise, you're going to have to resort to understanding stochastic processes which is pretty much everything nowadays (a sweeping generalization, but IMO still a statement that has value none-the-less).

But yeah if it doesn't capture you enough to initially interest you, you're probably better off spending your time and money somewhere else.