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Mar6-12, 10:13 AM
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Fredrik's comment:

and my similar comment:

were both made in the context of both twins experiencing the same acceleration and is perfectly clear English. The whole point of these statements is to show that acceleration is not what causes the difference in aging. I fail to understand what you think you are offering to help people who think that it is the acceleration that is what makes the difference because they have heard that "it is the one who accelerates that ages less" (which is true if only one accelerates). We're trying to help novices who may not yet even know what Proper Time is to take a small step from a point of misunderstanding to a better understanding and I don't know why you think it is helpful to create a debate in the middle of this attempt.
You're the only one making a debate about it. I added an additional item of information. Frederik had no problem with this and noted:

- within the specific example he posed, there was no ambiguity in his wording

- for the general case, you cannot use such wording (agreeing with me about this).

At this point, there was perfect closure and mutual understanding. You chose to try and turn it into a debate. For some reason, you don't like the idea that there is anything wrong with the statement "the twin that spends more time at higher speed ages less"; I believe, most everyone else understands that for the general case, interpreted as words are normally used, it is wrong. For suitably constrained cases, it is accurate.