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Mar6-12, 06:28 PM
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Do differences in gear rations matter much? For example, my motorcycle hits about 4k rpm+ at 60 mph on the highway compared to barely 3k that my truck gets. If another bike was geared to only need 3k rpm at the same speed how much of a difference might that make?
I don't think so...but that is a good question, to which I'd love to know the answer. I see a bunch of paradoxes there:

1) my 1000cc v-twin bike gets 40 mpg on the highway
2) my 650cc single-cylinder bike gets 52 mpg on the highway....and is LESS aerodynamic while spinning at far higher RPMs.

The v-twin displaces more in total, but less per cylinder than the 650. The 650 spins faster. The 650 is lighter (but that shouldn't matter much on the highway). The 1000 is more aerodynamic. Lots of contradictions there.