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I don't see why you say it's misguided. Though I think it may be confusing the OP, because Thorne's approach isn't based on the "clock slowing" paradigm.

At the risk of possibly causing more confusion, Thorne's view is more like saying that the time doesn't really "stop" (as per the stopped time idea), it's just bent to point in a spatial direction.
Well, time pointing in a spatial direction is a non-sequitur. At any point in a manifold there is a light cone defining time like directions, light like directions, and space like directions. Any small region looks just like Minkowski space, including a region where the horizon is passing by at c. There is nothing spatial about a timelike direction inside an event horizon except that it is labeled r in some coordinate schemes. It's labeled U or V in Kruskal (depending on your convention). It's labeled t in local Fermi-Normal coordinates. I think it is genuinely misleading to attach significance to a letter used in interior Schwarzschild coordinates for what essentially are historic reasons.