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Mar7-12, 06:26 PM
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OP here again. Not having refreshed my browser I had missed this quoted post. I now must take issue with paragraph 1-

I now hold the view expressed in the previous post that the clock does not asymptotically stop at the event horizon, it only LOOKS as though it does...
I don't understand what you disagree with, but a fact is that the whatever you say about a clock sitting in a dense planet or neutron star (gravitational time dilation and red shift) you must say the same thing about a clock hovering near the event horizon, because they are exactly, in every way, the same phenomenon in GR. Note that a clock hovering near the event horizon sees distant clocks going extremely fast. An infaller is different because (see Pervect's post a little earlier) because you have SR speed effects as well as gravitational time dilation.