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Mark M
Mar7-12, 07:32 PM
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As I said in my above post, this is not true. The mass of an object does not change. If it did, then at a certain speed anything would be transformed into a black hole, which does not happen.
You are referring to he invariant mass, m0 , which you are correct, doesn't change in different speeds. Rather, it is inertial mass(or relativistic mass), the object's resistance to acceleration that increases with acceleration, so that:

ER = γmc2

where ER is the relativistic energy.

So the same conclusion still holds: as you approach c, you require an infinite amount of energy to reach c itself.

I tried to simplify it for the person asking the question by just using the term "mass", mistake on my part.

EDIT: Oh, I forgot to say: You're right about time dilation preventing you from going faster than c, there are several other factors. Obviously, the Universe is pretty strict on maintaining it's speed limit.