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Mar7-12, 11:46 PM
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I am a Junior Level Mechanical Engineer. It feels like I have hit a brick wall in my Engineering classes. I have a 2.75 cumulative gpa (major is 2.6).
During my first two years I didnt have many problems in my classes. I finnished Calc 1,2,3 + DiffEqus (with a grade of B or better) and Physics 1,2,3 (Physics was one of my weak spots, never took an introductory class only AP Physics B in high school before going to college). I have taken Mechanics of solids and materials without too much trouble. Now I am doing Dynamics and ThermyDynamics and it seems like I have hit a brick wall. I dont seem to understand any of the classes. I also don't find them very interesting at all.

I fairly enjoyed my math classes but didnt like my physics courses.

Is/has anyone else gone through this or felt like this? I guess Engineering is not what i though it was? Are Dynamics and Thermodynamics weed out courses? Do the classes become more easier and applied after them?

Is Mechanical Engineering more Physics dependent or Math dependent?
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