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Mar8-12, 10:12 PM
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Inside of every creative astrophysicist, there is a crackpot trying to get out. A lot of being a productive scientist is to try to keep that inner crackpot under control. It's very common to have someone that is distinguished in one area, and who is a total nut job at something else. In fact I'd go so far to say that in some cases being a nut job is useful, because the person got the Nobel for the one situation in which he was a crank, but was right.

I know of one Nobel Prize winner that was convinced that black holes do not exist, and so no one dared mention the word "black hole" around him.

But the journal article format is a horrible way of presenting non-standard ideas. What you really want is one brief review article, and Annual Reviews of Astronomy and Astrophysics had a great article a few years back that summarized all of the various non-standard cosmologies. That way you can quickly familiarize yourself with the crackpot theories and ideas, so that they are in the back of your mind.

However, for the purpose of being an avenue for totally crackpot ideas, even OAJ is worse than Submitting something to Arxiv,org is free.
Are you refering to Ivar Giaever?