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Tesla coils joined in single base wire connection format connect by conduction. Tesla lodged his first patent application that said transmission and then set out another Patent with virtually the only difference being the word conduction. It appears that the engineers at the time didn't get the conduction thing. And he didnt mean by EM he meant by wire connection. A simple single wire system I have built demonstrates conduction through one wire not magnetic transfer of power since both coils are 180 degrees out of phase. If they were acting as a transformer or by electromagnetic connection they would need to be out of phase to transmit energy using magnetic energy. It uses voltage and Amperage to do the job. Sure, it puts out a little EM radiation but very limited and usesless in the process since it is out of phase.
I suppose you acknowledge that Maxwell's Equations describe all there is to know about the way Electric and Magnetic Fields behave. In which case, if you attempt to give an 'explanation' of an electromagnetic phenomenon, it should follow from those equations.

Whatever the "conduction thing" is, Maxwell governs what happens. Maxwell applies to a simple battery and bulb circuit, a transformer, a coax cable, waveguide, near field - far field EM power transmission - everything. If you want to quote from a Patent as a form of proof of your ideas then that is not valid. There are millions of Patents based on absolute nonsense; we all know that.

Your simple "single conductor" system would need some more detailed description, along with measured results, to a reasonable standard.

"wire connection" involves EM just as much as a Radio transmitter. Read your EM theory. Not all EM waves are radiated waves.