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Michael C
Mar9-12, 03:57 PM
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A lot of classical recordings, if they are using PCM, will use a sample rate of 96 kHz. Few (if any) of my colleagues are specifying 192 kHz or above. If track counts are high, chances are it will be recorded at 44.1 kHz for CD release, sometimes 48 kHz.
A few days ago I participated in a classical concert being recorded for the German radio network. I had a chat with the chief recording engineer, who told me that 48 kHz at a depth of 24 bit is still the standard for radio recordings here. He doesn't see any reason for this standard to change, since the microphones don't have any appreciable output above 24 kHz. He said that some colleagues use 96 kHz for classical recordings, but he would challenge anybody to hear the difference. Higher sampling rates, according to him, only make sense if you are using a lot of digital effects, which isn't the case in a classical recording where you are trying to reproduce the original as faithfully as possible.