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Mar10-12, 09:03 AM
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These more coherent terms, are supposedly relevant, since they are, supposedly (and probably by error) able to bring up a scenario that proves, that you can only say: 'Yes light speed changes when moving between FORs' or you can say: 'No, light speed does not change when moving between FORs', and most important, that there is no 'middle' possibility e.g. to say that there is 'no meaning' to this question.
Different frames of reference use different coordinates. The speed of ligh measured with non-local coordinates can change. But in any frame, using local coordinates the speed of light is always the same.

The term 'rest frame' is not meaningless. If you are considering a scenario with many inertial observers you can nominate any one of these to be your rest frame. It makes no difference which one you choose, the physics is the same. So it is not meaningless, it is irrelevant.