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Mar11-12, 07:41 PM
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Physicalness is neither a necessary nor sufficient condition for causality. Indeed, you can speak of psychological effects in terms of causality, e.g. his delusions of grandure caused his risk-taking behavior. But there must be a temporal ordering, the cause always comes chronologically before the effect. That is not the case here.
But psychological effects have a physical manifestation.

As for the temporal separation, that would probably be a more philosophical discussion on the nature of "cause" and "effect".

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I don't think it is worth drawing the distinction; consider all of my previous statements to refer to measurements. Scientifically, all that matters is the measurements. If there is a hidden actuality that cannot be measured then it is irrelevant to physics.
I think it is worth making the distinction, because, as mentioned above, an invariant measurement of c does not imply RoS; it is an invariant measurement of c plus RoS which results in RoS; with the latter being circular in nature.

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I am fine with that. Then the whole discussion goes away since in Einsteinian relativity there is C and PoR and LC and TD and RoS. We are left with only my original response that you had forgotten about RoS.
I should, more precisely, have said, I don't see the relevance of using a transformation that is not the Lorentz transformation. As there are two interpretations of the Lorentz transformation, one which incorporates RoS and one which doesn't; with one of those being, arguably, circular in nature.