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Mar13-12, 10:49 AM
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Almost thought i understand Twin paradox... but Wiki blew that thought away. Quote from wikipedia: "If the spaceship accelerates at a constant 1g, he will after a little less than a year (mathematically) reach almost the speed of light, but time dilation will increase his life span to thousands of years, seen from the reference system of the Solar System, but his subjective lifespan will not thereby change. If he returns to Earth he will land thousands of years into its future"
Now, is there any difference between acceleration due to gravity, and speed acceleration?I mean aren't we experiencing 1 g in our every day life? from what i understand, the age difference between the twins is due to acceleration, but since both experience 1g how come there still is age delay?
The difference is that one twin is moving while the other is not, just like in the regular twin paradox.