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Mar13-12, 09:39 PM
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Dobs are simple. Newts on German Equatorial Mounts generally suffer from cost-savings on the mounts. Too light, too cheap, unable to bear the weight of the OTA properly. A decent OTA on a cheap, light mount will suffer from vibration, poor damping, etc, and generally be a pain to work with.
Honestly I probably wouldn't even notice any vibration until I got a second telescope that didn't have the same problem. :P I don't need perfection, just something a little bit cheaper and smaller than a dob.

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Usually you get more aperture for the price, plus dobs are REALLY easy to use. EQ mounts are kind of weird to use at first, as you can simply move the scope up and down or left and right. Plus you have to polar align them a bit to use them correctly, but that isn't much of an issue once you do it a few times. The tube length is longer, but your EQ mount is going to be almost as much of an issue to move around and store. There's nothing wrong with the EQ mounted one though, and I think you'll be satisfied with it if you purchase it. It's a little easier to keep track of objects, as you only have to move the RA axis and many times the mounts come with a slow motion knob for this purpose. (At least that's what I've heard, I've never owned a non GoTo EQ mount)

For a first telescope, NOTHING beats a Dob in my opinion. It's the "point and shoot" of telescopes.

Edit: As Turbo said above, a good EQ mount usually cost a decent amount. While this particular one would probably work ok for you, I highly suggest a Dob, as it will be much more stable and easier to use. You won't be kicking the legs around in the dark and having to worry too terribly much about a little wind.
Right, I think I'll go with this one if you think the EQ mount would be bearable. Believe me, I gravitated towards Dobs immediately when I started looking at telescopes, but I just don't really have that much space to store it. At least the one I'm looking at has a relatively short tube and a collapsible tripod. Perhaps for my second scope a few years down the road I'll look at a 10" dob and try and make room for it. No reviews I've read on this one have mentioned any problems with the mount, just a little shaking/vibration.