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Mar15-12, 03:22 PM
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Um, it's not the first time I've posted the following document here (though jlduh provided it first), but it was mostly ignored. So, here again:

"The impact of BWR MK I primary containment failure dynamics on secondary containment integrity."
Don't worry you are not alone, I go on about blowdown to the torus room from time to time, especially now that we've had a glimpse into the torus rooms so it is fresh in peoples minds. Cant take it much further though until we have more useful evidence or data, which could be a long wait.

On a second note:
If there actually is a hole connecting the primary containment with the torus room (either through drywell liner failure as explained above or torus damage), shouldn't the torus room be filled with water?
As far as I understand, TEPCO kept pouring water into the reactor vessels and containments until the drywell was filled to a certain height, so if there is a leak to the torus room, it should be filled with water as well.
TEPCOs original stabilisation plan involved filling the drywells up with water to a certain height, but they realised it wasn't working, and all that contaminated water was then found in the basements. Also when they did the endoscope camera thing at reactor 2 the water level in the drywell was lower than their more recent assumptions, so they are still playing catchup with reality. The next endoscope will be longer and they hope to get a visual on the water, though frankly I wouldn't be shocked if it turns out there is hardly any water staying in the drywell at all. We don't have too long to wait till this next mission, Im sure its supposed to happen in March.

First, where does the water come from? If shadowncs is correct and those chambers are secondary and not primary containment, then there have to be some containment breaches in either the torus itself or the drywell. Where else would the water come from otherwise?

And second, why are they only filled partially and not totally? If there are leaks and if there's water in the drywell (to cool escaped fuel) then I'd expect the lower lying chambers to be totally submerged and not only partially. Why aren't they?
Im sure the torus rooms don't count as primary containment. And they have not been able to deny some kind of containment breach ever since they found so much water at the lower levels.

The lower levels are not completely submerged for several reasons. Firstly there is also lots of water in the basement of the turbine buildings, which may be flowing from the reactor building, so there is lots of room for the water to take up. And secondly they have been pumping water out of the turbine buildings to be processed by the water treatment systems. This ties into the leaks into the sea via trenches etc, and their desperate race against time to keep the water level to a certain limit. The water level fluctuates but ue to the pumping it doesn't get high enough to fill the entire torus room.

But I also think its quite likely that they may be relying on the water in the basements to provide shielding against anything nasty that may have fallen down there, and cooling of such corium, so even if they have the capacity to pump almost all of the water out of the torus rooms, turbine basements etc, I don't know as they would want to at this stage.