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Mar29-12, 05:42 PM
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ok. is there any video anywhere that shows the actual experiment inits entirey and not some cartoon hero.
there seems to be very many videos that are misleading as to what actually is what..
i dont know the dimensions of the slit or anything and have many questions because of this.
its like someone telling me that a football pitch is green rectangle that humans kick a ball on into a goal,when in fact i need to how big the pitch is,what is made of ,the size of the ball,what the ball is made of and so on and on and on...
if what you say is true about the movement of the machine then i imagine these slits are very very small in length, it must be a wobbly machine ,as the size of the dots to the size of the lines are indeed very way much so that if i were to compare it to scale with something else i imagine i,d be very surprised...i can imagine a beam of photons doing this but i have to say im surprised one at a time they move so much.

im sure technology will improve with time