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Nov28-04, 01:28 PM
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Quote Quote by marcus
yesterday in the mail was delivered the copy of Rovelli "Quantum Gravity"
I sincerely hope you enjoy your new book, which I know you will. I was leafing through it at the U of T bookstore. I want to point out two things carlo says in the introductory bit.

1) That any correct quantum gravity theory must be able to calculate amplitudes for graviton-graviton scattering, and that he hopes that lqg will one day lead to a theory that can.

2) That he knows that GR must almost certainly be an effective field theory that is modified at higher energies so that lqg can't be correct. Thus he says he views lqg basically as a laboratory for investigating certain fundamental issues in quantum gravity.

As far as your sticky goes, would you be bothered if I corrected it?