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Apr6-12, 12:06 PM
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Yes, I understand that. The point I was making is that invoking "reality" in the discussion is inherently problematic.

So, your original point that Einstein was doing something which was justified by math but not justified by "reality" is simply a bad point. It requires either a reality which changes according to changes in the prevailing viewpoint or it requires some sort of mystical knowledge of what "reality" is underneath all of our measurements.

You can discuss the relationship between the two viewpoints and between each viewpoint and experimental results without making statements about which one, if either, represents "reality". When you do so, you are essentially left with the math and the experimental data, both of which justify Einstein's approach.
Okay, I can concede that my terminology may have been problematic. We assume however, that Einstein has the better model of the underlying thing we call reality. (I believe there is something that exists regardless of our perception regardless of copenhagen interpretations lol)

But by using the term "reality" I was hoping to convey truth that this viewpoint it utterly different from all other physical phenomena in an extremely fundamental way. Lorentz's version of an ether based illusion does not...

The situation represented in the "solved" twins paradox actually doesn't *necessarily differ from classical mechanics either...

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Insofar as you believe that SR and LET make all of the same experimental predictions then you cannot know that either one is uniquely "true". And insofar as you believe that SR and LET make different experimental predictions you can know that your LET is false.
Actually, I do not believe that there is experimental evidence that would falsify the specific difference I am talking about. If you know of an experiment which would falsify that particular difference, please point me in the right direction.

Come to think of it, I don't currently know of an experiment which specifically can differentiate the two in any way, no less the particular small difference I spoke of earlier.

IE: That ether based shortening and the subsequent illusions and timekeeping differences would not change the travel time for light between frames other than by 1*gamma (instead of gamma - motion as predicted by SR)