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Dec1-04, 02:08 AM
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Andre, thank you very much for the explanation. i do appreciate the work you do.
and even though i agree that the warmers and skeptics have a few miles between them - well beyond hearing distance - i don't think that that means we should yell. that is, i don't think that ranting or polarizing a discussion much will help convince people to question AGW theory. but i realize that i haven't been on this forum long enought to see examples of blind warmers ranting that direction. and i know that most warmers are just that, blind to any information that may dispute AGW theory. so i can understand how it may seem that there's no way to reach those people but by reacting as strongly as they do. especially if you've found as many problems with AGW as you have.
nonetheless, i think chiselling away at the hockeystick, the positive-feedback greenhouse effect, etc is a much more effective method to get people to see the problems, than shoving the whole thing in their face every time a mildly related topic comes up. but as long as information gets out, that's a start.