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Dec16-04, 08:13 AM
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Quote Quote by dextercioby
I found only 3:Schroedinger,Heisenberg,interaction picture (sometimes called Dirac-Tomonaga-Schwinger).I assumed that by "desciption" he meant "pictures". And they are unitary equivalent.


PS.He might have meant "interpretations",though,which is something totally different.And they are a "plethora". For what's worth,i've said it and i'll say it again."PHOTON" is a completely strange notion to QM.It pertains to QED.
Let's not confuse the issue here. You and I know that just via a simple transformation, you are NOT getting a new "description". That's like saying a system described in cartesian coordinate is a different "description" than the same system described in spherical coordinates. There's nothing fundamentally, conceptually, and even mathematically different here.