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Dec26-04, 09:29 AM
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I guess this phrase denotes that u and physics are very much apart,almost like two disjoint sets.U haven't read too much into plasma physics,have you??Do you think it's fair to consider interactions between particles (ions,electrons,protons,atoms,molecules) as "classical"??? I guess you do,else u would have realized that any plasma interactions deserve a quantum description...Besides,the degree of "complication" implied by the quantum description is nonexistent,as Kubo's theory is very much similar classically and quantum.
My advice is:document yourself and try to sustain every assertion with proof.

P.S.I wonder whether solar plasma (for example) can be studied without QM effects...
I don't think you understood quite what I was getting at. Obviously there is a lot of overlap but in physics of the main subfields today plasma does not involve a lot of QM when compared to other fields that are almost exclusively QM. MHD is pretty much a classical model and it's working wel. It's clear that a QM model is necessary as your brought up, but there are few fields of research in physics today where you are able to seperate yourself so much from QM.

As my QM professor kept saying this semester, "If you hate this stuff, there's always plasmas."