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Nov10-12, 08:46 AM
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Sorry but we are nowhere near being able to regenerate the body to the extent you are discussing. Ultrasound does have a lot of therapeutic uses and can be used to damage tissue, trigger the release of drugs from drug delivery systems and alter cell behaviour in desirable ways. But it simply cannot be used in the way you describe to wave a magic want over any area and selectively destroy any damaged tissue (without side effects) before coordinating regeneration.

Similarly "pixie dust" does nothing, you've been scammed on that one. Fingertips have the capacity to regrow anyway and jamming a powder of pig ECM does nothing but get you news coverage and investment. Even if it did help in some way that's no where near "regrowing any tissue we like". Recently there have been successes with simple tissues and organs such as tracheas, bladders, skin, bone and a lot of research into other tissues but it is very early days. We are certainly not months away from whole body regeneration, we're probably decades away from anything as complex as a heart or lung even though current research in those areas is promising.