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Nov12-12, 02:39 PM
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Since you know PV= RT where R is the gas constant, with P, V and T variables, you know that

[tex]\frac{{PV}}{T} = R = {\rm{a}}\;{\rm{constant}}[/tex]

We can rearrange this

[tex]\left( {\frac{{PV}}{T} - R} \right) = {\rm{0}}[/tex]

Isn't this now in the format you seek?

However noting your other threads about Van der Waal's equation I wonder if your book was leading up to some more complicated function of P, V and T such as VDW.

Incidentally the answer to your question about P, is that P is the real pressure exerted by the gas, not some equivalent pressure of an ideal or other gas.