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Nov13-12, 06:28 AM
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Take half torus with solid part of density 1, other half torus with liquid of density 1. The torus turn at W rd/s enough for maintain liquid at external circle. Now, for 0 to 180 we accelerate torus, this increase forces (blue in drawing) from pressure of water and from 180 to 360 we deccelerate torus. Rotationnal speed change from W to W+w to W. It's like torus change the CG without external forces. I thought solid give pressure too but I can imagine 2 liquids with different density, it's the same. I have some questions:

1/ water don't give pressure so no force exist ?
2/ solid give same pressure ?
3/ when we rotate the forces from rotation, this cancel pressure forces ?

Edit: I add another drawing for show different positions
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