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Nov14-12, 08:46 AM
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I am trying to have a discussion and get at you phinds.. and your friends.... Even if this misunderstood phenomena does not affect us... It affects YOU obviously... And I do not appreciate the fact that you are claiming that I am "Making This Up." .

Define "Dark" energy.... as a form of radiation.... I have no point to prove other than this forum is starting to smell like nerd.

Any mass of gravity can Absorb other particles... thus A star will Absorb all particle energy around it.
If you don't want us to think you're "making this up", you've got to show us some professional research on the subject, at least an arXiv perprint article or two. That's the way things work in the technical part of the Forums. Now, while what you describe sounds like a good science fiction plot, it doesn't sound like real science, because you didn't provide any references.

You may be thinking (actually I know you are from the "smell like a nerd" comment) we are being too pedantic, but you have to realize that's the only way to keep the Forums from decending into a mass of wild speculation, like a number of other prominent STEM forums have.