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Nov15-12, 07:13 PM
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Hello everyone,

For my physics class, I want to build an AC motor with styrofoam, magnets, screws and magnet wire.

So far, I have built a cylinder of about 2.5" of radius and 1" in height with eight magnets (strengh 6/10) around it. Each magnet is glued on the side of the cylinder alternatively north, south, north, ... .
This cylinder is crossed by a wooden stick that allows it to rotate.

I also built a ring of styrofoam that goes around the cylinder. Across each magnet on the outer ring, I have eight screws with wire magnet wrapped around them (150 turns each).

Should I wrap the bolts alternatively counterclockwise and clockwise or does that matter?

Also, I heard that I need to have AC current going through it (I have tried with a 9V battery in the past which didn't make the system rotate). How can I get an AC current going through it?

I also tried to light a small LED light by connecting the magnet wires around one bolt to the led light and forcing the center wheel to turn. The light did NOT turn on. How can I make it light up? If I connect all the coils in series, would that work?

My teacher said that there was a way to make a commutator with aluminum wrapped around a stick and cut on one side. How would that work?

Please, let me know if you have any idea to make this project work.

I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you.

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