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Nov16-12, 04:45 PM
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Hey guys, I'm a third year engineering physics student (specialised mechanical engineer with 2 courses off of being a theoretical physicist) and I have been very interested in trying to get an internship or a job once I graduate with one of the privatized space travel companies (such as virgin, spacex, etc).

Going into space is a dream I have always had, and I hope that if I work for one of these companies I'll be able to go to space before I die, no matter how long it takes. However, the problem is I have done LSD a couple of times two years ago. I have heard rumours that LSD stays in your spinal chord and will be dispatched again once you reach 0g for an extended period of time. I have also heard rumours that your spine will expand and rupture after an extended time being in 0g.

Does anybody know if these statements are true? I have a high suspicion it is a hoax, but since this means so much to me I really want to have a defiant answer. I have been clean of drugs for more than a year, so taking a test would not be a problem in another few years from now.

Thanks for all your help!
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