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Nov27-12, 06:37 AM
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Watt vs kilowatt.hour

NO need to confuse over it. Just Take it easy. I try to make it clear.
Actually the rate of work done is called power. I mean for calculating the power you must know the work done. ... Work done per sec is called power and measured in Watt. Work done per minute is also power. Work done per hour is also power but measured in Watt.hour.
Actually Watthour And killowatthour is represent the power produce by a machine in 1 hour.

Suppose a machine produce 1500watt power in one sec. then it will produce 1500X60 watt in a minute and 1500x60x60 in a hour or i can say 1500x60x60/100 Kwatthour (KWH)
hope you understand