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Nov27-12, 11:42 AM
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Both the moon and space itself causes drag on the surface of the earth.
How does space cause drag?

and the mantles electrons would a line in the direction of the magnetic poles.
What does that mean/how?
Due to the thickness of this direction line up of electrons in the crust and mantle wouldn’t the stationary crust/mantle electrons create lines of flux and the core of iron act as a conductor in a sense?
I don't understand that.
After the core begins to lap the crust/mantle a difference in magnetic fields (crust/mantle and core) will begin to conduct.
How can "a difference in magnetic fields" conduct? And what does it conduct?

I cannot follow anything beyond that point.

The magnetic field of the sun at earth's orbit is negligible.

Is the reason that Venus has a greater gravitational forces
It does not have that. And rotation does not matter there.

Is the reason Mars has a less gravitational pull become it was not large enough to store enough energy to allow the core to spin and change direction?
No, mars has a lower mass, it is as simple as that.