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Dec7-12, 02:10 PM
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Psychotic versus Asperger's Syndromes

Psychosis is a very broad term, there is no DSM IV entry for it. Psychosis is not automatically violent either.

I'm wondering if OP mean anti-social personality disorder... often refferred to as psychopathy. Again, hostility and aggression are not determining factors. Most sociopaths are not anything like how movies/media portray them (these are extreme cases that often results from the right combination of early childhood abuse and genetic propensity).

Some sociopaths may be productive members of society, doing jobs that other people are scared of (stuntman, soldier, policeman, fireman, jetfighter, war journalism, etc).

I think one of the main differences is people on the autism spectrum don't have theory of mind, so it's out of ignorance that they may hurt people's feelings or be disruptive, wereas sociopaths have theory of mind and often utilize it for personal gain, exploiting people's current frame of mind.